Thursday 15 September 2016

Where are recommendations?

Recommendations as well as market updates will be communicated in this tab

I usually avoid being impulsive for recommending stock. Just because I have launched app / users are downloading app, I may not start recommending stocks.

As mentioned in info on service tab,
“When market is down, it is more likely that I will recommend more stocks and vice versa…..When I am positive about future uptrend in stock, I recommend it.  There is no particular frequency like one stock a month or like.”

Looking at past experience:
In Jan-15 advisory service started on WhatsApp. In calendar year 2015 I recommended only 2 stocks in secondary market. Most of time in 2015, I ask investor to hold money. Since Mar-16, I started giving recommendations. In period Mar-16 to Aug-16, I have given 32 recommendations.

So have patience.
I am watching market, and I am here to help you
Happy Investing :D

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